Diving in Kalymnos

Scuba Diving in Kalymnos

When visiting Kalymnos you should definitely experience scuba diving. Thanks to the long tradition in diiving and in the sponge- related activities, the Kalymnians are experts in sea diving and they will gladly share their secrets with you. It is no coincidence besides that the first state diving school was established in Kalymnos island.

Here, you will find the largest – 12 kilometers long – released coastline area in Greece, in order to practice scuba diving. Although banned across almost the whole country for the protection of archaeological treasures, scuba diving is an activity that you can enjoy in Kalymnos, either under the guidance of a teacher of a diving center or by yourself, if you have the proper knowledge and equipment. The underwater environment is really rich, and in addition to a lot of marine species that you will encounter, you are going to find out remnants of ancient and most modern shipwrecks.

Get ready and start exploring any of the proposed diving areas you might select. The most preferred areas though are the following:

  • The 12 km long coastline between Therma and Pithari.
  • The Diving Park which is the first in Greece.
  • The two sponge farms, one in Kastelli and another in Kambi.
  • The Diapori area, in Leros island, which is easily accessible from Kalymnos.

In Kalymnos you will also find several diving centers with great expertise, that will be especially useful if you are not such an experienced diver or in case you might need any help.

At our hotel you can take lessons of scuba diving and practice your skills at our pool and then out in the sea. For info please ask at the reception.

Picture taken by Kalymnos Diving Center